Housing & Development Board (HDB)

HDB AMK3RC1 Tenant Survey

ML Research was tasked to gather feedback from Eunos Industrial Estate tenants and assist HDB in verifying the design requirements of AMK3RC1, a new development for the tenants’ relocation. 

Alongside face-to-face interviews, our study included subsequent data analysis, report writing and a final presentation of results. Our experience and expertise ensured that HDB was able to receive tailored results that would translate to an effective action plan for the estate.


I’m impressed that you were able to tailor the survey findings to our project requirements and even gave us valuable suggestions, which is really value-adding and going an extra mile… we’re very happy and satisfied with your clear presentation. ML Research will be the first and only to come to our minds when we require another survey to be conducted.

Housing & Development Board (HDB) (AMK3RC1 Tenant Survey)