At ML Research Consultants Pte Ltd (ML Research), we are passionate about market research and social studies. Having been in the business of providing survey and research services for more than 30 years we, a full-service agency, specialise in nation-wide and special-interest-group studies of public perception and opinion, customer satisfaction, usage and consumption, youths and seniors, events and festivals, transportation and healthcare research.

Our Clients seek us out to tap on our expertise in survey design, data collection, analysis and results interpretation to deliver practical and meaningful information in which effective strategies and informed business decisions can be made.

Our Clients include government bodies, public sector agencies, private business corporations, academic institutions and non-profit organisations.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

ML Research adheres to the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) International Code on Market and Social Research. The AMSRS/ESOMAR Code is a self-regulatory framework which have been referred to and accepted as best practice worldwide.

We respect and uphold the right to voluntary participation and we observe and fully comply with all relevant regulations to protect the rights of our clients and research participants, and the personal data that we collect and manage.

- Angela Leong, Director